Castlegar Real Estate

Regardless of the time of year Castlegar real estate is always being bought and sold.  Whether you want to relax or take advantage of the magnificent natural surroundings, Castlegar is a great little town to own property in. To get you started on your search, a comprehensive list of available houses, condos, apartments, commercial spaces and more can be found by viewing our range of Castlegar real estate or on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Just like searching for property anywhere else, finding a piece of Castlegar real estate can be greatly assisted by contacting a real estate agent.


The agent can help narrow down your selection of choices and then get appointments and viewings. Having someone who knows the area is a excellent advantage. By knowing the ins and outs of Castlegar homes for sale, including the history of pricing and current trends and events that are influencing the market, both buyers and sellers are able to make decisions based on reliable information, not speculation.  This kind of detailed and accurate information can only be acquired by consulting with a local expert who knows what to look for, and where to look.

Given that Castlegar is the second largest city in the West Kootenays, it offers a lot of the urban comforts for a home owner that you would expect from Canadian Tire, McDonalds, Boston Pizza and many other big box stores and franchises.  Mix in the local stores and you've got a great mix of shopping choices any time of the year.  

Castlegar's airport, known as the West Kootenay regional Airport (YGC) provides fast and easy access in and out of the city with regular flights to both Vancouver and Calgary. If you own real estate in Castlegar then it's good to know you can come and go as you please, quickly and easily both by plane and by car on highways that connect Castlegar to the rest of Canada.

Whether you love to enjoy cozy white winters in the mountains or playing out in the snow, Castlegar will let you experience it all right at your doorstep.  With that said, you'll need a few pointers on how to winterize your house if you've never had to do that before.  Don't worry, it's just a simple checklist of things to do before the snow falls. And when spring and summer roll around you'll love the spectacular views Castlegar has to offer from virtually everywhere in town and all the activities you can take part in and around the town.

People come to vacation here from all parts of the world but we're lucky enough to call Castlegar home all year round.


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